1530 Real Estate believes that real estate should be of added value to the daily operation and performance of an organization. 1530 Real Estate makes the added value of real estate visible for organizations and ensures that real estate contribute to the goals of the concerning company. This applies to both occupiers and owners of real estate.

To realize the maximum yield from the properties a specific expertise is required. 1530 Real Estate offers this specific expertise with a range of consulting services.
This allows companies to make capital available or realize improvements in terms of efficiency and quality. The relatively high cost of real estate, the complexity of decision-making within organizations, high risks and often long planning, demand that real estate deserves the right for professional attention which 1530 Real Estate can offer.

Our consultancy consists of the following services:

Portfolio Analysis
Analyzing real estate portfolios with the aim of achieving efficiency or yield improvements. Amongst others this can be realized with lease renewals / revisions, merges and quality improvements through investment.

Sale- and leaseback
Advising end-users with the sale (put off-balance), and then lease back their property. With a Sale and Lease Back you as an owner sell your office or business space and then lease it back for a long term. In most cases, the main objective is to release financial resources by alienating real estate and converting it into cash. This can make a major contribution to optimizing the operating result of the company. Many Investors are looking for sale and leaseback constructions where a direct return is created through a long lease term. 1530 Real Estate knows what is involved in setting up a sale and lease back structure and are therefore capable and happy to assist you when you would like to investigate the opportunity.

Total Cost of Ownershop (TCO) analysis
Drafting Net Present Value calculations for investment decisions in housing processes. All future costs will be made transparent which results in a clear financial consideration when choosing between different housing alternatives.

Housing/location analysis
In addition to financial analyses housing alternatives are also analyzed on quality. Based on the needs and requirements of the customer a decision matrix is established in which the main housing criteria are covered. The selected buildings / locations get assigned scores based on these criteria, creating a clear and objective comparison.

Housing Strategies
The development of housing strategies. A long-term strategy in which the requirements of customers in terms of look & feel, location, efficiency and functionality are incorporated.

Market research
Current market knowledge and financial- and economic knowledge are crucial in any consultancy project. We deliver customized solutions based on the specific needs of the client. In a clear way we can provide insight into rent developments, vacancy percentages, take -up figures, transactions and specific market trends.